COVID-19 Update

Yes, we are open! And as always we strive to help you achieve the best sound experience for your creations.

We have an enhanced health&safety policy in effect

With our multiple physically and acoustically isolated recording spaces (up to 4), and a newly upgraded zero latency audio-visual communication system between all spaces, Desert Fish Studios is the perfect place for recording bands and ensembles safely and seamlessly even under the current circumstances.

As well, with the help of high-resolution real-time audio streaming technology, we are able to remotely work together on your mixes and masters while you can enjoy the safety and comfort of home.

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About Us

Desert Fish Studios is a boutique Toronto recording studio and audio production facility, owned by 3-time JUNO award winner Jeff Wolpert, operated together with Kevin Li.

Desert Fish Studios combines the power of modern digital recording with the colour, tone, and variety of vintage analog audio processors and microphones in a comfortable space surrounded by other inspiring, arts focused people and businesses. We are experts in sound recording for all purposes, and in music mixing and mastering for both stereo and surround formats incl. Dolby Atmos®. We are located in the downtown core close to key lifestyle and working components of our clients, colleagues, and friends.

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Jeff Wolpert - Owner & Chief Engineer

A multi-award winning engineer, mixer, producer, editor, and educator, Wolpert has worked with some of the biggest names in today's music industry in addition to a successful career working in film and television.

A graduate of Concordia University in Montreal (BFA Studio Music), Wolpert went on to earn his Master of Music Degree in Sound Recording (Tonmeister) from McGill University in 1982. Upon graduation, he started as a system tech and mixer at PA Plus in Toronto and then joined Inception Sound where during his 11 years there, he helped build it from one eight-track studio into two 48-track studios. He then became the chief engineer at McClear Digital Recording and Post Production Studios, a five-studio multi-format recording and mixing facility.

Currently he is the owner and chief engineer of Desert Fish Studios, located in downtown Toronto and opened in 2012. As well he is the Director of the Master of Music in Music Technology and Digital Media program at the University of Toronto. He has 3 JUNO Awards for Engineer of the Year. Known for his mastery of acoustic recording and intricate mixing, Wolpert is also recognized for his vast technical and computer knowledge.



Kevin Li - Studio Manager & Engineer

Kevin Li is a promising recording engineer, mixer and producer, as well an independent musician known as Lithium Done.

Before relocated to Toronto and earned his Master of Music Degree in Music Technology and Digital Media from University of Toronto in 2019, Li had collaborated with some of China's most celebrated musicians such as Sa Dingding, Luan Shu and Luo Qi etc., and worked in sound production for films and television as well. He also holds a Master of Arts in Recording Arts degree from China's most recognized sound recording program at Communication University of China.

Specializing in rock and metal music production, Li possesses a wide range of knowledge and skill set in acoustic recording and mixing for all genres of music. He is the 2016 "Sound Academy Awards" winner awarded by China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.